Gain Range:


CustomShop of this highly anticipated Amp. based on a EvilRobot Amplifier.

What you get..

2 Channels, One Tone pot, that’s all! – Its not the most versatile amp in the world, but what it does do, is really honest to itself. This set the Channels were jumped.

  • 60 Profiles from clean to Cranked and everything in-between
  • Lots of Mics used so you can pick your favorite (Duel Miced)
  • up to 12 profiles per each mic to really get your flavor right.
  • Both channels jumped
  • Works with Tele/Strat and Les pauls
  • Profiled with Neve1073 Mic Preโ€™s
  • Come with a FREE Smile! ๐Ÿ™‚

What we recommend…

  • Strat/Tele for the low gain
  • Lespaul or Humbucker for the higher gain
  • Try Increasing the “Definition” for a brighter/tighter tone
  • Try decreasing the “Definition” for a darker/vintage/looser tone
  • These were created using reference monitors, so use EQ to taste to adjust to your needs