Bundle “Metal Producers Pack”

Gain Range:


This pack is a “Specialist pack” that hosts the best in fine Metal Amps, (voted by you) – Produced & ready to slot into your mix production.

Demo by “Every Hour Kills”, you can support them on facebook httpss://www.facebook.com/EveryHourKills

What you Get…

There is no more Clean Crunch, Push.. just pure Metal Fighting talk!. – 3 Different cabs to choose from, all with different voicing.V30 & Custom V30, C90, G25 – All miced differently for a wide spectrum of metal sounds!. These profiles may not translate well for live performance.

  • 7 HiClass Metal amps
  • Various settings included , Normal, scooped, and with a TS infront too.
  • Various top mics used running into Neve 1073 mic pre
  • 4 Cabs to choose from, V30 Loaded cab, Custom V30, C90 & G30
  • Various micing patterns to each cab.

What we recommend…

  • Lespaul or Humbucker for Attitude
  • Try Increasing the “Definition” for a brighter/tighter tone
  • Try decreasing the “Definition” for a darker/vintage/looser tone
  • These were created using reference monitors, so use EQ to taste to adjust to your needs