ACE 30 Custom Shop

Gain Range:


This ACE30 was captured trying to re-create the sound of a 1964 VOX AC 30 Amplifier, its high End sheen, and amazing Twang is what legends were made out of. – its a famous amp, and now it can all be yours!….

What you get..

Welcome to our first CustomShop release, and this bundle is custom made for your enjoyment. Features:-

  • -124 Profiles
  • -8 Different mics (Royer 121, AKG414, SM57, MD421, M160, DPA4011, 46MXL & R14)
  • -4 Clean, 4 Pushed and 4 Cranked per each mic.
  • -11 Stomp Boxes Profiled, 2 per each box.
  • -A few selected Nashville type effected rigs (Typical Country vibe), and a few other fun effected profiles.
  • -All Profiles recorded with Clean chain, Mic > Pre > EQ > Profiler (EQ was to control unwanted freq, but no tone shaping was used) Mic Pres, Neve 1073/GreatRiver MP2
  • -Profiled with the latest FW
  • -Works Great with a Guitar Cab (if you have a Blues Speaker)
  • – Absolute clarity between Profiles & Real Amp.

Enjoy! the classic years in a modern time. – NOTE: This is a TOPBOOST model and result of this is brighter tones than normal.


What we recommend…

  • Strat/Tele for the low gain
  • Lespaul or Humbucker for the higher gain
  • Try Increasing the “Definition” for a brighter/tighter tone
  • Try decreasing the “Definition” for a darker/vintage/looser tone
  • These were created using reference monitors, so use EQ to taste to adjust to your needs