About TheAmpFactory

How it started

As a collector of amps, the Kemper made sense to me, this meant I could document all my favourite amps and literally save them as presets!. it was and still is such a unique & brilliant concept, people soon realised its potential and as I was offering my profiles to the public it became ever more appealing and as the Kemper community grew so did my success of capturing rare & unique amps. – so the story began here. It was 100% community driven!.. and to this day I still have my loyal customers as I appreciate all the support given to me over this long period of time…onward & upwards!

Who we are

TheAmpFactory is actually a recording studio, (AKA OrangeTreeStudios) hence why we have so many amplifiers, and why the Kemper made such sense to us. – This helps, as a good sound always needs to be treated correctly direct from the source, good equipment is not always needed of course, but it certainly helps put a professional stamp on things. – we are a small run company set it the beautiful countryside of Norfolk UK, with enough inspiration for a lifetime!.. Our one true aim is to always do the best we can with what we can!.

Working with family

Since early days of time, TheAmpFactory has always been a close family business, with myself dealing with clients/sound/and the studio, with my wife dealing with all Art & Design, and have been lucky to be blessed with great friends that also deal with our web operations over at Dreem Media who have been amazing to deal with through the years and for them to see us evolve and always had a web solution to our needs. and many others that have helps us along the way. Sure it has been a busy time, and that is a good thing, but the chemistry we have and our friendly ways mean we have repeatable business to those that are loyal to us, and that really means something special. – We don’t want to grow to some Hugh cooperate thing, where music does not matter anymore, this is not our goal. – We love music and everything about the creative process, so to us that always comes first.

Having fun

Well yes! and why not, a family run business with plenty of gear for my son to play and use has always been a great thing and the formidable comment “Daddy, when I grow up I want to be a rock star” – oh how we have all heard these lines… but who knows.. we base our business model on friendship, trust and fun, as we truly believe these are the things that are important.. We try and make all our clients that visit us here have an experience they will really look back on with a smile.


What is next?

Well, being part of a community driven company such as this, its always about being better than your last performance really, so this is where we are currently at now. – just about honing in on the things we do best, and purifying things, experiment where we can go that extra mile. – find our weakness and eradicate it quickly, the community really helps with this as they are quick to offer there own views 90% of the time its great, and that I’m much appreciative of, but its the missing 10% where I want to succeed more. So it’s about discovery from now, finding and searching for new amp tones, new ways to record them, and to just let the results speak for themselves.

Sound Demos